Hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy

How Does an RTT Session Work?

The Visualization

With a hypnotherapist, you will spend about ten minutes getting into a hypnotic state. This involves visualizing. Your therapist will walk you through a scene that slowly gets you into the theta state. During this state of awareness, you experience a greater sense of peace and relaxation, and you are more suggestible than in your awake, or alpha, state.

Per Scientific American, the theta state is the state you may get in when you’re driving for a long period of time on the highway, where you feel present but definitely more “zoned out.”

The Scenes

After you are under hypnosis, your therapist may guide you through recalling three scenes from your childhood. For most people, these scenes will arise on their own naturally. Your therapist may ask about what you’re seeing and what you’re feeling in these moments.  It is not about reliving the scenes, but processing them in a whole new way.

The Comforting

This is the part of the session where you greet, and comfort, your childhood self. Where it becomes clear how those scenes—those points of trauma or impact you just revisited with the therapist—really impacted you as a child. It’s also where you start to heal.  This isn’t reserved for only those who have experienced major traumas. This is healing for any person who has experienced any level of hurt in their lives that impacted their growth or their healing abilities, which is to say, this is for everyone.  Rapid Transformational Therapy can help address traumas on any part of the spectrum.

The Affirmations

This is is the final part where your therapist will spend time affirming what you’ve seen and felt, and offer a mantra of sorts—or maybe the better explanation is a long, guided thought for healing. You will also be given a recording that should be listened to it every night for at least 21 days to reinforce the benefit of the session.  It is suggested that you listen to it right before falling to sleep, or even nodding off to it. The new pathways you forged during your session will be reinforced as you listen to your unique recording.

What Does a Rapid Transformational Therapy Session Feel Like?

Being in a hypnotic state throughout the RTT session is basically what it feels like to have an “awake nap.” The client is incredibly relaxed, but very conscious of everything that they are feeling and saying.

The client would not say anything without a filter or anything that they would not otherwise say while fully awake; it’s just that they are so deeply opened—like on a soul level—that it does not feel embarrassing or revealing to share what they are truly feeling.

Another way to describe it is, it is similar to the state of zen you feel right before you fall asleep, or when you sit in silence for awhile, except you stay there in that state, and are able to converse.

Does RTT/Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnosis can be effective in helping people cope with pain, stress and anxiety.  In general, the more quickly and easily people reach a state of relaxation and calm during a session, the more likely it is that they will benefit from hypnosis.

Please each out to me if you want more information. You can do it remotely, or in person.

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