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Rapid Transformational Healing

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a type of Hypnotherapy  founded by renowned UK therapist Marissa Peer.  The methodology of RTT is powerfully influenced by hypnosis, healing and Neurolinguistic Programming. Breakthroughs are achieved by the understanding and fixing of the root cause, rather than just the symptoms of the presenting issue. RTT is known for having an all- pervasive impact, as it erases and eradicates core issues for life-changing benefits.

What makes Rapid Transformational Therapy different from traditional Hypnotherapy?

Unlike traditional hypnotherapy, RTT® does not rely solely on positive reinforcement. RTT goes beyond this and focuses on identifying how, where and when unhelpful beliefs and behaviors were formed.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy/RTT:  

  1. Release the Past

  2. Increase Motivation-Become inspired.

  3. Break free of procrastination.

  4. Let go of bad habits.

  5. Become your healthiest self.

  6. Overcome self-sabotage.

  7. Find lasting love and/or improve your relationships.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing, a type of alternative medicine. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a "universal energy" is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

‘When you can collaborate with your mind and tell it what you want, you will get what you want.’

Marissa Peer, Founder of RTT.

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