Freedom from Self-Sabotage Life Coaching

Reprogram in the 4 major categories needed for long-term happiness – health, relationships, positive internal dialogue and wealth.

My credentials come from CCSS stands for Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coaching. CCSS Coaches are a worldwide network of dedicated healers who understand that life success is directly linked to the beliefs, rituals, ideas and traditions we live out daily. If our beliefs, rituals, ideas and traditions aren’t in line with what will provide us long-term happiness then all we manifest are perpetual cycles of try and fail. From procrastination to addiction and from home exercise collecting dust in our basements to a continuous string of failed diets and unused gym memberships. These all reflect how our “beliefs” are encoded deep within our subconscious. Recoding and healing is completely possible, in a very short amount of time, with the proper education and action steps.

As a Freedom from Self Sabotage Coach, I work with clients from all around the world. As a Freedom from Self Sabotage, we are masters of making complex issues easy to understand. As your coach, I am able explain to you how your brain really works and how to program it for success, in all areas of your life. The formula for your success is simple. I will actively use our customized questionnaire to help identify the areas where you’re self-sabotaging and more importantly, why you self-sabotage.

After the “where’s” and the “why’s” are easily identified, I’ll make sure to teach you how to consciously interfere with your self-sabotage. I’ll also teach you how to reprogram your subconscious mind so successful images, symbols, themes and messages play as constant background noise within your brand-new and amazing life. First, we identify with where the issues are coming from. Then, we interfere with those issues, both consciously and unconsciously and then we reprogram for success.

Steps for the Process of Freedom from Self-Sabotage Coaching

  1. You will first fill out an in-depth questionnaire that’s designed to analyze and assist with the process of growth in the areas of health, wealth, relationships and/or positive self talk.

  2. After your completed questionnaire is received, you will be sent a selection of short videos that will further facilitate the coaching session process.

  3. Once the questionnaire has been filled out and the videos have been viewed, we are ready to setup our video calls.  There will be two 1.5 to 2 hour video calls within a few weeks.

Benefit from:


Coaching from anywhere in the world

Action Plans

Healing action plans outlined


One-On-One Support

Self Improvement

Improve your health, relationships, & wealth

Self Love

Learn about self-love

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